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4th International Patient and Physician Summit on WM
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This DVD set contains the entire proceedings of the 4th International Patient & Physician Summit on WM. The 7-DVD set contains introductory remarks by Drs. Treon and Merlini, all lectures and panel discussions for 5 sessions, a 6th session containing all 5 debates, and a 7th session containing all Case Presentations.  Also included are two special guest lectures by Karen Lee Sobol and Judith May.


The price for the DVD set is $55, which includes shipping. Please note that this price does not cover the cost of production, and that we offer these DVDs as a courtesy to our patients and caregivers who either could not attend, or would like to have a permanent record of the conference for future reference.


Each lecture on the DVDs is accompanied by a corresponding slide presentation in the Presentations section of this website. The recommended method of viewing would be to play the DVD in one window (i.e. using Windows Media Player) while viewing the corresponding slides in another window. The DVDs are also playable in any standard DVD player.


For your convenience, we have included a couple of documents to help guide you through the DVD set:


Click here to download the table of contents for the DVD set.


Click here to download the conference program agenda (for reference)


To order the DVDs, click the PayPal button.  You will then be directed to our special PayPal page where you can order the DVDs either through your own PayPal account, or via credit card. After completing and submitting the PayPal form, you should get a confirmation email from PayPal. Please allow up to 10 business days for us to process your order.


Thank you for your interest in our conference DVD set!