3rd International Patient & Physician Summit on Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia


Session 1

Distinguishing MGUS, IgM Related Disorders, and WM  R. Kyle
Pathological findings in WM  R. Owen
Hyperviscosity, Cryoglobulinemia, and Cold Agglutinemia  M. Stone
IgM related Neuropathy and Bing-Neel Syndrome in WM  F. Hochberg

Session 2

Precursor disorders in WM M. McMaster
Familial predisposition to MGUS, MM and WM H. Ogmundsdottier
Report: Familial Registry Studies in WM  Z. Hunter
Chronic immune stimulation and subsequent WM  O. Langren

Session 3

Chromosome and Gene Expression in WM: Implications for pathogenesis and treatment of WM  S. Treon
MicroRNAs in Plasma Cell Disorders  N. Munshi
PI3 Kinase Pathway in WM: Pathogenesis and Novel Treatments  I. Ghobrial
Hypermethylation Studies in WM: New Findings and Treatment Implications  L. Xu
Mast Cells and sCD27 in WM  G. Yang
Special Topic Lecture: What are HDAC-Inhibitors and can they be applied to WM therapy?  O. O'Connor

Session 4

Prognostic Markers in WM  P. Morel
Criteria for Initiation of Treatment  R. Kyle
Response Criteria in WM  E. Kimby
Problems with Current Response Criteria in WM  R. Owen

Session 5

Rituximab based therapies  M. Dimopoulos
Role for maintenance Rituximab  M. Ghielmini
Nucleoside analogue therapy: Balancing Risk and Benefit  E. Morra
Bortezomib based therapy  S. Treon

Session 6

Optimizing Bortezomib Based Therapies  A. Rohatiner
Bendamustine with WM  M. Rummel
Optimizing cyclophosphamide based therapy in WM  L. Ioakimidis
Novel Treatment Approaches to WM including WMCTG clinical studies  S. Treon

Session 7

Introduction to autologous, allogeneic, and mini-allogeneic transplantation  R. Soiffer [No Abstract]
Can stem cell transplant be used as a curative approach to WM?  B. Barlogie
European Bone Marrow Transplant Registry (EBMT) Report on Autologous and Allogeneic Transplants in WM  C. Kyriakou
Mini-Allogeneic Transplant as a potentially curative strategy in WM  D. Maloney
Amyloidosis and Treatment options including transplant  G. Merlini

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